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  • Name: Duplex workbench and Multi-function high speed bonding machine
  • No: VK-60110


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Product specifications:

Size Total power Effective machining dimension consume power Voltage
3.2*1.5*2.2(m) 30kw 0.65*1.2(m) 15kwh/1h 380V


System configuration:

PLC  servo motor  AC contactor  Proximity switch  Wire rod  Guide  Switching Mode Power Supply Touch screen  Close to power



Production time (single layer) Loss(mm) yield(h)
 6-8s 1~3mm(Density of materials) 500 second


Application range:
This machine is applicable to EPE pearl cotton material, effective processing size in 500mm*700mm, 300mm high - density 16~60kg/m. We can fit the material processing machinery sheet. But the thickness of the edge of the material should not be less than 8mm, the middle surface can not be thinner than 6mm. At the same time fit less than 5 layers of more suitable.

The equipment is mainly used for EPE EPE materials on the lower layer forming, to replace the traditional hot air gun, hot melt adhesive.


Working principle:
Adopt the spindle to take processing of material, combined with high speed running heating plate by  low or high temperature, the upper material will be iron  and cut to 1-3mm  and quickly plaste with underlying cover together.This machine will be  replace of  tedious  handmake ,and save costing .



1) equipment is easy to operate, the operator can be proficient students.
2) equipment can produce simple but different types of products, and the processed products without plastic wire, not yellow, product level, product quality has been greatly improved.
3) with multi layer laminating function
Two) 4 work stations can be produced at the same time not the same product, production speed, greatly improve the production efficiency, a machine equivalent to the speed of the production of 5-30 workers.
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