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"Wisdom" wins the future

Date:2016-09-26 14:21

In March 31st, the more than and 50 media gathered in the delta group Beijing branch, in the "2016 delta automation products strategy of media exchange" share of delta made products, covering equipment layer, control layer, management layer, cloud services and related products, "Chinese manufacturing 2025 delta power communication, promote smart manufacturing confidence and strength. Marks the official opening of the new delta intelligent manufacturing strategy.
Mr. Yin Xuanbo, vice chairman of Limited by Share Ltd Dentsu first to the guest speech, welcome the media friends to discuss and share a bright future in intelligent manufacturing, "Chinese manufacturing 2025" planning under the guidance of China from a big manufacturing country to a power forward, with intelligent manufacturing to seize the commanding heights of future manufacturing. He pointed out that the core of the intelligent manufacturing is "intelligent", mainly in the production process system can be like people make judgments and decision-making behavior, can be regarded as the further development of intelligent manufacturing industrial automation results. As the leading brand of industrial automation, Delta has the advantage in promoting the intelligent manufacturing, now has formed a complete set of intelligent products.
The general manager of Delta Electronics Group Electrical Division Mr. Zhang Xunhai in the "innovation driven strategy into a new era of delta intelligent manufacturing" the theme of his speech, officially released the "delta made" strategy. Mr. Zhang Xunhai from the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the Chinese manufacturing power strategy, analytic pattern of global intelligent manufacturing and future trends, pointed out that the Delta will countermeasures, from eight in ten areas to promote the China intelligent manufacturing process. Delta has been to "love the earth environmental protection and energy saving" business mission, to create "smart green life" for business purposes, focus on the "cloud platform" and "reliable communication" and "comprehensive perception" and "intelligent unit", through the facility monitoring, robot workstation, production process, equipment management, energy management links, eliminate information islands, describing a "ideal" situation of Intelligent Manufacturing: breakthrough time and space constraints, make managers whenever and wherever can make the detection and management of a variety of ways.
Release compact strategy, "Chi delta series of new products - Fusion - Assistant Manufacturing Strategy" links officially began, Mr. Li Wenjian as a business group on behalf of electromechanical detail, AMD microprocessor related products (MS300, MH300), IMS (A3, MS, product line of motor, AIC) and products (visual measurement DMV2000, Sensor), the product has ICS connection sharing function (AS300, SCADA, SI, smart meters) (intelligent plant solutions) and made a full range of solutions to the new area has many highlights, draw the outline of "intelligent manufacturing" delta full system framework.
The end of the conference, reporters were concerned about the hot questioning, delta relevant responsible person for a detailed answer. Until the end, we still get enough. The end of the conference, at the bird's Nest stadium in delta hosted the media scene guests, will not continue to thoroughly investigate the problem.
Intelligent manufacturing, the integration of industrialization and information depth are present, from concept to action, is bound to intelligent products as the starting point to develop in depth, the depth of integration and construction of extended system, create a competitive made ecosystem. 2016, standing on the starting point of intelligent manufacturing, let us watch pain points, grasp the opportunity to win the future!

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